10 Top Michelin Restaurants to visit in Denmark

Written by Anete Kruusmägi

When talking about memorable food experiences, we tend to think about France and Italy. Nordic countries, on the other hand, are generally less known for their culinary traditions. But during the last two decades things have changed, and Denmark has become an excellent destination for any food lover. 92 restaurants have made it into the world-famous Michelin Guide. Nine of them have earned more than 2 Michelin stars, and two of them have earned 3 Michelin stars. You can find a lot of Michelin star restaurants in Copenhagen, but there are also little villages worth visiting for fine dining. Which restaurants are the best in Denmark? Let’s take a look at Denmark’s top ten.


If you’re after an explosion of tastes in your mouth and you happen to love seafood, then this two-Michelin-star restaurant in a suburb of Copenhagen has got you covered. Chef Eric Vildgaard is a master of flavours. He creates picturesque plates of Nordic, French and Asian flavours.

Rustic Experience in Henne Kirkeby Kro

If you care about the origin of the food you eat, then you need to take a trip out of the city. Close to the Danish West coast, in a tiny village called Henne Kirkeby, you’ll find an 18th century inn that hosts a two-Michelin-star restaurant. Taking a seat in Henne Kirkeby Kro, you can be sure that most of the vegetables and meat you’ll taste are grown locally. The restaurant has a 4000 square meter garden where they don’t use pesticides. But what can you eat in this idyllic countryside house? You can enjoy pork with nectarine or Viking bread while hearing the cooks chopping away in the kitchen and have an enjoyable view of nature just outside the window. If you order a wine pairing, be ready for surprises— the paired wines match perfectly with each delicious dish.

Kadeau Copenhagen—the New Nordic

If you want to know what makes Danish cuisine special, you need to try the New Nordic style. New Nordic promotes local, natural and seasonal produce, and that’s exactly what you can find in the two-Michelin-star restaurant Kadeau in Copenhagen. Be ready for a mind-blowing combination of flavours. In a stylish chocolate brown interior, you will get to know the cuisine of the Baltic island Bornholm. After the luxurious 18 course menu, you feel just fine. The portions are carefully measured so as not to make you feel uncomfortable. In addition to great food, you’ll find in Kadeau a fun, lively, interactive staff and a chef who is happy to show you how the food is prepared. But what will wait for you on your plate? Be prepared for smoked fish, tender salmon and pickled pine cones.

Luxurious Dining in Kong Hans Kælder

Stepping into this beautiful, historic, well-lit white cellar, you’re entering another world; a world that is ruled by elegance and flavours. This two-Michelin-star establishment in Copenhagen serves the best French cuisine bursting with rich flavours. In one of the oldest houses in Copenhagen, you can taste black lobster, goose and brioche that can only be described as heaven in your mouth.


Two-Michelin-star a|o|c is another cellar worth visiting. This establishment, with a clean Scandinavian interior and huge tables, offers a dining experience that is hard to forget. The keyword here is Nordic, yet you won’t find potatoes with herring here. Their cuisine has a modern twist. Specialities include red shellfish, roe deer and arctic char.

Geranium Goes Against the Fine-Dining Traditions

If football stadiums make you think of hot dogs and burgers, then you’d be surprised to find a three-Michelin-star restaurant on the 8th floor of the national football stadium in Copenhagen. Geranium is perfect for those who don’t only hunt for the best flavours but also appreciate art on their plate. Chef Rasmus Kofoed is a master of shapes and colours, and your food is presented as a delicate composition that you almost dare not eat. But you should not skip tasting. On the plate, you’ll find vegetables and fish but not so much meat. Starting from January 2022, Geranium plans to drop meat from the menu. Be prepared to taste some sea lobster, fresh cheese and sea buckthorn.

The Best Restaurant in the World— Noma

If you know something about the Danish restaurant scene, then you probably know Noma. This three-Michelin-star waterside restaurant is the number one place to dine on the planet as it was awarded first place in the World’s 50 Best Restaurant awards. How did they do that? It’s all thanks to chef René Redzepi’s cooking style. The focus of the restaurant is on foraging, invention and interpretation of New Nordic cuisine. So expect to see truly mad small-portion plates of dried moss, ants, mould and potted plants where you have to pull out the radishes yourself. On the other hand, you can also find a giant vegetarian kebab on the menu, which should be great for anyone who is not the biggest fan of very small portions.

Food Performance in Alchemist

When looking for a culinary experience in Denmark, there is one more restaurant you cannot skip. The two-Michelin-star restaurant Alchemist offers an experience that can be compared to a theatre visit. Their 50 course dinner is divided into 5 acts. And while the dishes are technically complex and offer a dramatic contrast of flavours, some of them also make a statement about sustainability issues like plastic pollution and overcrowded chicken farms. In Alchemist, you will enjoy concerts, dancers and video impressions. Also expect to see unusual offerings on your plate such as lamb brain or pigeon breast.

Koks: Fine Dining in the Faroe Islands

Denmark’s culinary scene doesn’t stop surprising us. Far away from the European coast, between the United Kingdom and Iceland, you’ll find the picturesque Faroe Islands with romantic lighthouses and dramatic rocks rising from the sea. Two-Michelin-star restaurant Koks is known as the world’s most remote food destination. As for the food, the ingredients come from local fishermen and farmers. So you can expect to taste asparagus, radishes, lamb, lots of exciting seafood, fermented meat and goose. It also has original, traditional dishes like whale heart and blood pancakes. Meals are served in a cosy 18th-century farmhouse with a wooden interior and low ceilings.

Søllerød Kro Gourmet Food in an Idyllic Villa

Away from the capital city’s hustle and bustle, you’ll find a charming roadside inn with only two rooms. Søllerød Kro, a one-Michelin-star restaurant, stands on the lakeside, and in the summertime you can dine on a beautiful terrasse. Within the villa’s romantic, cream-coloured interior, you can taste classic French cuisine with a Danish influence. In other words, local ingredients and favourites have gotten a delicate workup. From the wine list, you can find some excellent Bordeaux from the 1990s.

Photo by C1superstar from Pexels

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